Claudia Drury <cdrury@gm.slc.edu

Sat, Jul 7, 2012, 12:59 AM 📷

Another thing. Raven sent me this message on Facebook. It seemed like BS and I ignored it. What do you think? 

 Hi Claudia, 


So, it's been about a year since we talked.  I  just wanted you to know, Ive thought about you over the last months. I  feel bad about what happened. You were right, I was not a good friend to  you. I said mean things about you sometimes, and for that I want you to  really know Im sorry. No one deserves a two faced friend. I don't even  remember now what was said, but I think you should know, of you dont  already, a lot of it had to do with Dan. He greatly encouraged those  thoughts and words out of me. I was a young, immature bitch and I wanted  my boyfriend to think I was funny.  

Lets  be honest, we probably were never meant to be friends. You and I are  very different kinds of girls, we just happened to like being around the  same group of boys.   

I don't care anymore, all of that seems like ancient history now.    

I  am in a much better place now emotionally and psychologically after  spending this past year on my own, and Im sure you are too.   

I  dont expect us to ever be close again, I know Dan is like petrified of  me, which is weird but OK, I know you guys probably talk about how crazy  and mean I am sometimes, I know I made huge mistake ever leaving max  for dan in the first place, but I guess by sending you this message Im  hoping to let you know, Claudia, that I'm sorry. Girls shouldn't turn on  one another and you were always sweet to me.  

I hope you had a great year abroad.   Ill be seeing you in September I guess.